Unleash the Rockstar Music Education

Aliki - Screamer and classical singer

Aliki has many years of experience of growl, death scream and false chord scream. She has 8 years of classical vocal training as well which makes her even more versatile and helps to give her students a new, healthy way of learning screaming.

Specialities: Classical singing, False cord, Growl, Distortion

Rocky - Founder and lead vocal coach of Rocky Music studio 

With almost 20 years experience of teaching singing and screaming she has all the tools to teach you all kinds of scream and the essence of rock singing. 


Classic rock & metal, Fry scream, False chord scream, Distortion.

Soren - Screamer
is an experienced and very talented screamer based in Denmark,  he has more than 12 years experience in bands as a screamer and teacher. He was teaching screaming at the The Danish Metal Academy for several years and now he joined to RMS team of teachers. 

Specialities: Yell scream, distortion, growl and tunnel throat

Rocky Music Studio is an international vocal studio based in London, UK.
RMS is specialised to punk/pop-rock/hard-rock/metal singers & screamers 'steady & safe vocal technique development, covering all scream and distortion methods from all genres.